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Millet Magic Premix's

Ready To Bake

Millet Premix
Millet cakes Mix

Millet Cakes Mix

A Wholesome Symphony of Flavor and Nutrition!

Nachni Vanila Cake

Nachni Chocolate Cake

Millet Vanila Cake

Pearl Millet Choco Cake

Wheat chocolate cake

Millet Cookies Mix

Where Health Meets Sweet Bliss!

Nankathi Cookies

Bajra Coconut Cookies

Pistachio Cookies

Choco Chip Cookies

Jowar Oats Cookies

Millet Cookies Mix

Why Milhut's Premix's

Experience What Makes Our Millet Premix's Special

when it comes to snacking. From Cakes/Cookies/Protein Bars that are baked instead of fried.

It's filled with whole some healthy nutritious snacks which give you and your family the strength needed to live life to the fullest.

Our Millet premixes are just so simple

Unleash Sustainability: Transforming Packaging with Biodegradable Brilliance!

BioGuard Boxes: Keep, Bake, Store – Your Versatile Biodegradable Choice

Discover the Extra Mile with Biodegradable: Elevate your commitment to the environment by embracing the extraordinary benefits of our biodegradable packaging

Beyond renewability and sustainability, our eco-friendly solution champions biodegradability, slashing pollution and reducing your carbon footprint. 

But that’s not all – in choosing biodegradable, you’re not merely making a switch; you’re actively replacing plastic and Styrofoam products with a superior, compostable alternative. 

What’s more, our process is energy-efficient, ensuring every biodegradable package is a small yet impactful step towards a greener future. 

basket packaging

Importantly: its Ovenable Convenience: 

Experience the versatility of our packaging – it’s not just eco-friendly; it’s ovenable too! Take your sustainable lifestyle to the next level by effortlessly where Convenience meets sustainability for every bake – Chuk the use of Aluminum tin and use our ready to bake tin…

Join us in the revolution – let’s shape a planet-friendly tomorrow, one biodegradable package at a time!