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In The Making Of The Brand MilHut: Crafting Healthy and Nutritious Premix Millet Snacks

Journey of MilHut...! By TrepenD Shree Dhaan

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MilHut produces delicious and healthy premix cakes, waffles, and cookies, all made from millet. With MilHut, you can trust that you’re providing your family with snacks that are delicious, nutritious, and free of any chemicals and preservatives.

When it comes to providing the best options for their families and children, mothers have a natural desire to work hard to make their home kitchens the best they can be. With the market full of processed and chemical-filled food items, it can be difficult to find healthy, natural products that are safe for kids to consume.

After a lot of experimentation and research, we founded MilHut with the goal of providing healthy and nutritious snacks for children and entire families. Our passion for fresh, hand-crafted cakes and delicious treats is what drives us. We believe that everyone deserves to be satisfied, and the cake is one of our best friends. Whether it’s a unique flavor or a sweet treat, we are happy to share our delight with the world. We pride ourselves on crafting the best-tasting cakes and delights. Our dedication to our customers and exceptional products has earned us an amazing reputation.

Who are We..!

Let's meet the founders of MilHuts : The Healthy grain Millet's..!​

You will Fall in love with our Millet Premixes

Modern Twist with Millet Premix
Modern Twist with Millet Premix

Having an organization that works with us on uncompromising quality and vision has taken MilHut one step closer to our dream of a healthier tomorrow for our family..

I am glad to bring our brand MilHut to this platform. I am humbled by how far we have reached to touch the lives of many mothers around the world who were searching for healthier options for their families. I, Kavitha, take care of brand visibility and marketing. While our other co-founder, Sushma Jain, prefers to stay behind the camera and design unique blends and formulations while other team members Ketan Oza and Manish Jain gets the production going.

Our products are made with only the highest quality ingredients and are produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. We use great quality millets, which are naturally gluten-free and packed full of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, we incorporate all-natural spices, herbs, and oils to create our delicious recipes.

We believe in the untapped potential of millet-based diets and aim to recreate those meals for modern consumers. Our wide range of products is made with wholesome, nutrient-dense millet’s.

Designed to be easy to prepare and enjoyable to eat, our products allow you to reap the benefits of a healthy millet-based diet without sacrificing taste. We believe that everyone should have access to healthy food, and our goal is to provide our customers with delicious and nourishing snacks that are convenient and affordable. Try MilHut today and embark on a journey back to our roots!